Quick update....got an infection in my apheresis port 2 days after it was installed and spent 2 weeks in hospital.  Thankfully the antibiotics worked and I didnt have to have it replaced!  Also got to have the harvesting done while I was in and my little swimmers are frozen somewhere waiting to come home.  Unfortunately the PET scan showed some new growths (lungs, liver) so I will start the ICE next week it looks like.  A few delays but the break from chemo has been great and I feel much stronger now.  After ICE we reassess and hope to get my cells returned to me in early Sept.  Dr is actively pursuing applications to get me in for car-t therapy in the US (not yet avail in Canada)....fingers crossed!    

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Wow Lynn, you have sure had your share of upsets and surprises. So glad the antibiotics worked and you didn't have to go through that again. It's great that the cell harvesting was done. Not sure what that procedure is but I've heard it is uncomfortable. Now that's behind you too. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, it's a tough disease but quite treatable these days.

My husband could sure use a chemo break but I don't think that's in the cards for him for a while.

We are sending you energy, good vibes and prayers. God Bless...
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Even with all your hiccups, your humor and positive attitude shine through. This is what is going to get you through this ordeal. Keep fighting, I pray you can get into a CAR T therapy or the SCT soon.
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